Wonder Esplanades


The journey of wonder

In a world where individuals were overwhelmed and unsure of how to overcome their skin issues,
Wonder emerged as a beacon of hope.

Brand Story

THE Origin

Way before the brand was established, founder Lai Kar Rao realized that the majority of people’s skincare routine involves multiple bottles of product or overlaying skincare steps.

Besides, the individual is constantly switching skincare brands just to keep up with the latest skincare trends and is recklessly doing their skincare without knowing their skin types and what is required.


We realized the modern lifestyle, filled with work overload, late nights, and a lack of skin care knowledge, had taken a toll on people’s skin, leaving them lacking confidence.

Recognizing this widespread concern, Wonder was created to provide a solution by offering a range of high-quality skincare products.


our focus

However, our commitment went beyond products alone. We understood the importance of education and guidance in the skincare journey.

They became a trusted source of knowledge, offering personalized skincare regimens and supporting individuals every step of the way.


The Creation

Wonder successfully launched as an online platform, ensuring unparalleled convenience for customers.

Regardless of the location, we swiftly deliver our products directly to customers’ doorsteps, granting effortless access to their exceptional solutions.

Our Value

Wonder was more than just a skincare brand—it was a catalyst for change. By helping individuals discover their true beauty and confidence, Wonder created opportunities for personal growth.

We believed that empowered individuals could become business partners and find success in various endeavors.

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