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Delivery & Shipping FAQs

We currently ship to Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Dubai . If you are in other countries, kindly contact our customer service for more information.
All orders placed will be shipped out within 3-5 working days.
Log in to your account > click on Order Center > Shipping Orders. You may find your tracking number on the shipping orders page.
We offer free shipping across Malaysia orders. For overseas orders, shipping costs are based on the weight of the order and need to be paid by the user.

Order & Payment

Unfortunately, all purchasing should be done through our system, click here to connect with our customer service.
Debit/Credit cards, E-wallet (Touch’n Go/GrabPay/SPayGlobal/BoostPay), and FPX Online Payment are all accepted in our system.

Payment Methods FAQ

What payment methods do you accept?

We offer a variety of payment methods to accommodate your needs. These include:
Visa HSBC Credit Card (Malaysia only)
Atome (Malaysia only)
GrabPayLater (Malaysia only)
Debit/Credit Card Payment (Visa, Mastercard, MyDebit)
E-wallets (GrabPay, ShopeePay, Boost, MAE, Mcash, TouchNGo)
Online Banking

Yes, if you are a Visa HSBC Credit Card holder issued from Malaysia, you can enjoy installment
payment options of up to 24 months.

For GrabPayLater, you can pay in installments for up to 4 months.

Atome allows you to split your payments into installments for up to 3 months.

No, installment options are only valid for Malaysian customers. Customers from other countries
will need to use alternative payment methods like Debit/Credit Cards, E-wallets, or Online
Banking for their purchases.

We accept Visa, Mastercard, and MyDebit for card payments.

For your purchases, you can use various E-wallets such as GrabPay, ShopeePay, Boost, MAE,
Mcash, and TouchNGo.

Yes, we offer Online Banking as a payment option for your convenience. You can make
payments directly from your bank account.

Once your purchase is complete, you may not be able to change your payment method. Please
ensure you choose the appropriate payment method at the time of purchase.

If you have any issues or questions regarding your payment, please contact our customer
support team helpdesk@wonder-official.com for assistance. We’re here to help.

Yes, all our installment payment options, including Visa HSBC Credit Card, GrabPayLater, and
Atome, are 0% interest. This means you won’t incur any additional interest charges when you
choose to pay in installments. It’s a convenient and cost-effective way to manage your
payments for eligible purchases.

Skincare FAQs

Yes. We encourage you to apply sunscreen after applying Youth Restoring Salve to make sure you get all the protection from the UV rays.
Crystal Mist > Aqua Elixir > All-Day Aqua Repairing Mask > Youth Restoring Salve
It depends on the skin condition. In general, the transition period takes up to 3 weeks, and you may see your skin starting to glow afterward!
All WONDER products can be used in the morning and night.
Yes! All WONDER products are formulated with natural ingredients and are free from alcohol, fragrances, and parabens.
Yes! WONDER products mainly focus on hydrating, moisturizing, and repairing which is the basic need of every skin type.
Yes! As long as the product suits your current skin condition.
Yes, all products are now selling individually except for Youth Restoring Salve.

Crystal Mist

The yellow crystal grains in our Crystal Mist help to maintain the balance of the skin. At the same time, it helps to speed up the recovery of skin cells, activate cells, and purify the blood.
Yes, even better. We have added yellow crystal grains to maintain the balance of the skin. At the same time, it helps to speed up the recovery of skin cells, activate cells, and purify the blood.
No cotton pad is needed during application. Mist evenly on your face and pat gently for better absorption.
Wonder products do not contain alcohol. The licorice ingredient in Crystal Mist can achieve the effect of sterilization and anti-inflammation.

Aqua Elixir

Our 3D Hyaluronic Acid concentration reaches up to 3% (60 times greater than normal Hyaluronic Acid serum) enough to deeply hydrate different levels of the skin.
Approximately one and a half months for a 20ml bottle. A 30ml bottle, on the other hand, can provide usage for approximately two and a half to three months.
Aqua elixir contains a safe dose of arbutin, which is not photosensitive and can be used in the morning
Wonder products do not contain alcohol. The licorice ingredient in Crystal Mist can achieve the effect of sterilization and anti-inflammation.

Youth Restoring Salve

Yes. It is a cream-based moisturizer.
We highly recommend our users replace their foundations with our Youth Restoring Salve. It helps reduce dull-looking skin and locked-in moisture to the skin. However, the extent of coverage may vary based on individual subjective preferences. *Youth Restoring Salve does not contain any colorants or harmful substances.
Yes, it goes well with other make-up products.
The Youth Restoring Salve is suitable for all skin types. It features an oil-free formula that leaves no greasy residue upon application. The Witch Hazel ingredient aids in soothing and calming skin irritations, known best for sensitive skin.
Our product formulation does not include any ingredients related to whitening purposes.
Yes. The Hydrolyzed Pearl ingredients are efficacious in removing dull skin, improving skin suppleness, and brightening skin all day long. It is exceptionally effective for all skin types.
The color varies due to the season of the ingredients collection. It is a normal phenomenon and it does not affect the effectiveness of the product. *Youth Restoring Salve does not contain any colorants or harmful substances.
Youth Restoring Salve can be applied during morning and night routines.

All-Day Aqua Repairing Mask

Yes! All-Day Aqua Repairing Mask is specially designed to leave it on our skin overnight.
We highly recommend you apply 3 times a week.
After using the All-Day Aqua Repairing Mask, begin by misting Crystal Mist all over your face to enhance the mask’s benefits and promote further absorption. Gently pat your skin to aid in absorption. For the final step, apply the Youth Restoring Salve to lock in moisture and ensure your skin stays hydrated and nourished. This post-mask routine will help you maximize the effects of the mask and keep your skin feeling revitalized and replenished.
10-15 minutes will be great!
We highly recommend our users complete the routine by using Crystal Mist and Youth Restoring Salve. This will help to maximize the moisturizing and locking-in moisture effect.
Not necessarily. You may rinse it with lukewarm water after leaving the mask on for 10-15 minutes. No rinsing is needed if you prefer to match with Crystal Mist. This will maximize the moisturizing effect.

Everyday Cleanser

You can expect your skin to feel comfortable and hydrated after using this cleanser. It’s gentle, soap-free, and soothing, formulated to avoid any tightness or dryness.
Yes. It is suitable for all skin types, especially sensitive and dry skin, as it is gentle and soothing.
Yes! This cleanser is effective at removing makeup from your skin. Its gentle yet thorough formula can help lift away makeup.
2 pumps of the cleanser would be sufficient.
While soap-free cleansers may produce fewer bubbles compared to traditional soaps, they are designed to effectively cleanse the skin without compromising its natural moisture balance. If you prefer more bubbles during cleansing, you can wet your palms, apply the cleanser to your wet palms, and then rub them together to create a lather before massaging it onto your face. This method can provide a more foamy and satisfying cleansing experience without sacrificing the gentle and nourishing properties of the soap-free cleanser.
Yes, before using the cleanser, it is important to wet your skin. Wetting your skin before applying the cleanser helps activate the product and allows it to spread more easily. Always start with damp skin before using the cleanser for the best results.
We highly recommend our user to wet their palms and then apply the cleanser to your wet palms before massaging it onto your face. This method ensures the cleanser is evenly distributed and helps create a gentle lather for effective cleansing.
No, it’s not a fragrance; it’s an essential oil, but the product contains only a small amount of it.
The cleanser is gentle on the skin, but it is not intended for direct contact with the eyes. If the cleanser accidentally comes into contact with the eyes, rinse them thoroughly with water.

Life Is Good FAQs

We highly encourage our users to consume directly without the need of mixing with water.
Consume directly without the need of mixing with water.
Yes, our products are formulated without any harmful or harsh ingredients, making them safe for use by pregnant/breastfeeding mums.
Yes! Life Is Good is specially formulated to consume daily.
Indeed, Life Is Good complements other supplements effectively. However, if you are concurrently using any medicine, we recommend taking Life Is Good with a minimum interval of 3 hours before or after consumption.
If you are currently taking medication or have a pre-existing medical condition, we strongly advise you to consult with your healthcare professional or doctor before considering taking Life Is Good. *Life Is Good is primarily focused on improving skin health and poses no known harm to users.
The optimal timing for consuming Life Is Good is either after a meal or before bedtime.
Life Is Good is renowned for its versatile advantages in enhancing overall skin condition. It encompasses antioxidant properties, brightening effects, UV defense, anti-inflammatory properties, and improved personal immunity. This multipurpose product offers a wide range of benefits to promote healthier and more radiant skin.
Yes! Life Is Good is highly effective for supporting post-surgery recovery. The inclusion of Oyster Mushroom Chitosan, known for its potential to promote skin wound repair. To speed up recovery, we recommend taking a maximum of 2 sachets a day.
It is peach flavor with fine powder texture formula that dissolves instantly in the mouth.

Tone Me Up Sunscreen

Using SPF 50 sunscreen should not hurt your skin, as it is designed to provide higher protection against harmful UVB rays from the sun. Sunscreen with SPF 50 offers a higher level of sunburn protection compared to lower SPF levels.
SPF 50 sunscreen blocks approximately 98% of UVB rays and SPF 50 provides a slightly longer duration of protection compared to SPF 30.
PA++++ offers the highest UVA protection. More “+” symbols mean greater defense against UVA rays.
The Wonder Tone Me Up Sunscreen has a lightweight texture that forms a thin protection on the skin. Its lightweight formula is easy to apply and absorb, providing a comfortable and non-greasy feel.
Definitely! The lightweight texture of this sunscreen makes it suitable for all skin types, including oily and sensitive skin. It does not clog pores or cause discomfort, ensuring comfortable sun protection for the skin.
No, it won’t cause a cakey result when applied. The sunscreen is lightweight and should blend smoothly into the skin without leaving a heavy or thick appearance.
Apply after moisturizer as the final step of your skincare routine. This allows the sunscreen to form a protective barrier on top of your skin, shielding it from harmful UV rays.
Yes, this sunscreen is safe for sensitive or allergic skin. It contains no alcohol, is fragrance-free, cruelty-free, and free of added coloring, hormones, mercury, heavy metals, preservatives, and harmful chemicals. Its gentle formula is designed to minimize the risk of irritation, making it suitable for those with sensitive or allergy-prone skin.
No. This sunscreen is SPF50 PA++++, offering broad-spectrum protection against both UVA and UVB radiation, and it provides 12-16 hours of continuous sun protection with just one application. Reapplication is only needed if excessive sweating occurs.
Yes. It is an ocean-friendly physical sunscreen. natural ingredients like Austenite Seaweed, Hyaluronic Acid, Phospholipid, Ginkgo Extract, Betaine, Sunflower Extract, and Tocopherol Acetate are safe for coral reefs.

Mini 5 FAQs

The Mini 5 travel kit includes 5 skincare products, which are the Everyday Cleanser, Crystal Mist Toner, Booster Aqua Elixir Serum, Youth Restoring Salve, and Tone Me Up Sunscreen, along with 1 Life Is Good sachet.
With Day & Night application, each product will last for approximately 1 month, while the Youth Restoring Salve and Tone Me Up Sunscreen will last for about 1.5 months.
Everyday Cleanser (20ml), Crystal Mist Toner + Booster (20ml), Aqua Elixir Serum (10ml), Youth Restoring Salve (5g), Tone Me Up Sunscreen (5g), Life Is Good Sachet (2.5g)
Yes, we will continue to sell the Mini 5 travel kit. It will remain available for customers who wish to purchase it.

General FAQs

WONDER is a Korean-manufactured skincare brand that specializes in creating products using natural and naturally-derived ingredients. Our aim is to provide our users with hydrated, glowing skin through the use of high-quality, skin-loving formulations.
100% manufactured in Seoul, Korea.
Yes. WONDER obtains 3 certificates which include International SGS Certification, Korean GMP Certification, and Malaysia NOT Certification.
You can now purchase all WONDER products from our system or you may contact any of our WONDER agents for assistance.
WONDER is dedicated to being cruelty-free, which means we never test products on animals at any level of production.
We practiced using clean ingredients to produce our products. Clean ingredients refer to no parabens, no alcohol, no fragrances, and no chemicals. WONDER products are formulated with naturally derived ingredi- ents.
Definitely yes. Since there are no harmful substances added to our products, all pregnant women are safe to use WONDER products.
Kindly DM us on Instagram at @wonder_official_hq

Business Partners FAQs

All you need to do is create a business account in our system, fulfill the joining criteria and you are all ready to start!
Unfortunately, team switching is not permitted once an individual has joined a team. In the event of a partner’s decision to depart, team members may undergo relocation.
If you are currently affiliated with another team or selling other products, you are still welcome to join. Our partnership does not restrict participation based on existing affiliations.
New partners have the flexibility to choose any four products that meet the partnership criteria.
Business partners may choose to quit and be automatically converted to VIP customers. Upon deciding to withdraw, partners may rejoin as a partner after a minimum period of 6 months.

VIP Customers FAQs

All you need to do is create a VIP Customer account in our system and that’s it!
For Malaysian customers, all shipping fees are free of charge! However, for Singapore and international users, shipping costs are based on the weight of the order and need to be paid by the user.
Non-registered users can still place orders for Wonder products. However, please note that in the event of any unexpected issues during the transaction, the company will not be held responsible. We highly encour- age users to register and place orders as it allows them to accumulate points in exchange for free products, etc.
Absolutely! International customers are welcome to place orders by registering as Wonder VIP customers to enjoy points redemption benefits. Please note that international customers are responsible for shipping fees, taxes, customs duties, and any other applicable charges related to the package.

Points redemption FAQs

Business partners and VIP customers have different accumulating points schemes. For VIP Customers RM3 = 1; Business Partners RM 6 = 1 Point
The accumulated points from each purchase have a validity period of 1 year, based on the date of each order. *applicable to VIP Customers only.

Customer Service FAQs

Our online customer service is available from 11 am to 8 pm. For urgent matters, please feel free to direct message us at @wonder_official_hq, and we will do our best to address and resolve your concerns promptly.
Unfortunately, all purchasing should be done through our system. Our customer service would be happy to assist you by arranging for our sales team to provide you with a free consultation and assistance with the purchase.
You may find us on Instagram DM or Facebook Messenger.
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