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Let Your Skin Breathe
Disposable Facial Wipes

Comfort in every sheet.

Pure cotton disposable facial wipe with a double-sided design that is suitable for dry/wet use; a disposable alternative for a cloth towel — to reduce bacteria growth on the face and friction damage caused by cloth towels.

What's So Special :

Highlight :
Enhanced absorbency
Improved washability
Bacterial protection
This product is free from fluorescent agents, sensitive ingredients, irritating ingredients, and harmful chemicals.

Extract from natural sticky fiber, spunlace non-woven fabric made under a high-pressure water flow process after high-temperature sterilization and ultraviolet sterilization.

  1. Replace face towel to prevent the growth of mites and bacteria
  2. Zero skin irritation, no fluorescent brightenerm no formaldeehyde
  3. Dry/wet dual-use, soft and gentle 
  4. Suitable for babies- wipes for body and saliva

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